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Welcome To Labor's National Platform

Shaoquett has been a proud member of the Labor Party for over 33 years, and is currently representing Labor in the Legislative Council of the NSW Parliament.

NSW Labor is dedicated to Putting People First. We are committed to opposing the sale of electricity poles and wires which will lead to higher electricity prices, local job losses and reduced reliability on the network, particularly in rural and regional areas.

We are also committed to stopping the Liberals’ cuts to public services. In the past four years, the NSW Liberal Government has cut millions from health, education and emergency services, which hurts families across our state.

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NSW Labor Values

Labor stands for a stronger and fairer Australia:

Supporting Hardworking Families

Labor has always been the party for working people. It’s in our DNA. It’s what Labor government’s do. This Labor government has built on our traditions of reform to deliver more for working families – childcare rebates, tax cuts and investments in Paid Parental Leave, disability support and pensions. Most importantly though, Labor abolished the hated Work Choices laws which did so much to degrade the pay and conditions of all Australians.

Supporting Jobs and a Growing Economy

Labor took the decisive action needed to ensure the global recession did not hit our economy and communities.
Labor has maintained the discipline to ensure that our economy has continued to grow, jobs have been created, unemployment has remained low and interest rates remain steady. Our economy remains the envy of the world, but we need to ensure that we remain on track for a strong economy with job creation at its centre.

Investing in Australia's future

Labor is the nation building party and the party with its focus firmly on Australia’s future. Labor has built the infrastructure now powering our economy and delivering fairness in schools, hospitals and local communities across the nation. We have put in place a fair mining resource rent tax (MRRT) that will ensure the proceeds of the mining boom are invested and shared with all Australians. We are tackling climate change and building a clean energy future.
Only Labor has the values and plans to build the Australia of the future. As we head towards the next federal election all members and supporters should take pride in our achievements to date and redouble their efforts for the election of another Labor government.

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