The Chinese community is long established in NSW, having first migrated to Australia during the Gold Rush days. Today, the Chinese community accounts for more than 7% of the population, primarily settled in Sydney. The two primary Chinese languages, Mandarin and Cantonese, are spoken by about 6% of the population.

The Chinese Community in Australia has become a close knit community, with the establishment of the Australian Chinese Community Association of NSW being established in 1974. This body assists the community with services such as aged home care, aged day care, dementia service, interest classes and Chinese language classes as well as organising various cultural and Chinese festival events throughout the year. ACCA has also organised and been involved in various activities promoting multiculturalism and anti-racism as well as fundraising for victims of natural disasters.

Shaoquett has had a long involvement with the Chinese community in NSW, attending many events with them during his time as a Rockdale City Councillor and Mayor, and as a Member Legislative Assembly. Many local Chinese media outlets has been recognised at the Multicultural and Indigenous Media Awards. Shaoquett looks forwarding to strengthening this relationship into the future.

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